The October 30, 2012 broadcast of Admissions Live introduced the founders of #EMchat, Jennielle Strother and Alex Williams. Due to unforeseen technical difficulty in the wake of Hurricane Sandy we share their story (in this case Storify) in text rather than video.



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INIGRAL, the creators of the Schools App on Facebook. While 100% of colleges are using social media to engage prospective, admitted and current students, only 1/3 of enrollment managers are happy with their metrics and results. Find out what “social enrollment management” is during an Inigral webinar on December 5th at 2pm ET. Read More

SCVNGR, a Google-funded mobile game about going places, doing challenges and earning points. ScvngrU has become Princeton’s newest tradition, and the students love it! Read More., the preferred destination by over 3 million students to research schools and scholarships, and to showcase themselves as more than a test score. Over 1,000 colleges and universities around the world partner with Zinch to attract and enroll best-fit students on the largest college-search social network in the world. To learn more about Zinch e-mail or tweet @socialadmission. Read More.

WELCOME TO COLLEGE, who believe it’s all in the visit and have created web & mobile applications to help institutions measure and manage their most critical recruitment tool, the college visit. Send them an email with the top 10 reasons prospective students should visit your campus this fall and they will add to your profile page on Welcome to College. Email Read More


Article Author

Ashley Budd

Broadcast Producer, Host of Higher Ed Special Edition
Director of Digital Marketing, Cornell University

Ashley Budd is a digital strategist and designer based in upstate New York. She specializes in bringing offline experiences online. Ashley is director of digital marketing at Cornell University serving Alumni Affairs and Development. Prior to joining the team at Cornell, Ashley spent more than five years in Enrollment Management and Career Services at Rochester Institute of Technology. Ashley speaks about college admissions, digital fundraising, communication and media technologies.


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