These days, the camera is the new printing press: a full 80% of all internet traffic is video consumption. As more apps and platforms reward video content (and more of our bosses want something that’ll “go viral”), the pressure to produce moving pictures has never been greater.

But is video always the answer? Is there a risk of producing the wrong kinds of video pieces? And what kind of investment in resources and time does it take to produce the right kind of videos, consistently?

In this Advancement Live broadcast, our guests will guide you through a “shot list” to make sure you’re making the right choices for the medium and giving your audience the kinds of quality video content that builds affinity and loyalty.

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Episode Host

Andy Fuller

Andy Fuller

Andy Fuller is the director of strategic content at the University of Notre Dame. There, he oversees the University’s central storytelling and branded content initiatives. In addition, Andy hosts and produces the Notre Dame Stories podcast, which features interviews with faculty members contributing to some of the major news stories of the day, as well as narrative stories of the life and work of Notre Dame. Prior to landing in South Bend, Andy spent time in broadcast journalism, politics, and public relations.


Tim Seley, associate director of digital media for Marketing Communications at the University of Kansas

Tim Seley is the associate director of digital media for Marketing Communications at the University of Kansas. He’s the father of two (soon to be three) daughters and the husband of a wonderful wife. He’s passionate about Taco Tuesday, music, and the proper pronunciation of gif. Before coming to KU, Tim spent time in the commercial world cutting video for clients like Applebee’s, Bayer, Walmart, and others. In his current role at KU, he and the digital media team get to see, experience, and capture the best that KU has to offer as they help tell the story of the university through photography and video.


Murphy Gilson, creative director for University Marketing & Communications at University of Washington

Two-time Emmy-winner Murphy Gilson recently joined the UW as Creative Director for University Marketing & Communications. In his career as a media marketing creative executive, he’s led teams in the premiering two television networks, had spots run in the Super Bowl, and launched hits like “American Idol” and misses like “That ’80s Show.” As a writer and filmmaker, he’s created content for the NFL, Honda, National Geographic, Microsoft, and other national brands. He also bakes pies. Usually apple.


Bianca Tomlin

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