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If student affairs divisions were to reframe disability from a medical/deficit model to an inclusive social action/identity model, how would that impact the development of services and programs? Further, can student affairs provide leadership in challenging the prevalence of ableist messages that result in patterns of discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudice on campus?  What skills, knowledge, and values do student affairs educators need to develop in order to create social action and reframe disability as a part of an inclusive and equitable campus community?

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea Gasser connects with four national leaders and campus experts in access, disability, and inclusion. Joining Heather are Rachel Luna, Dr. Amanda Kraus, Mary Tregoning,  and Lee Burdette Williams. Please read the detailed bios of the panelists below.

RachelLRachel Luna is Student Services Coordinator at Samuel Merritt University’s San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center.  She earned her M.A. in College Student Personnel at Bowling Green State University and her B.A. in Mass Communications and Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Rachel brings a lens on accessibility informed by her presentations at national conferences, service on ACPA’s Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, and receipt of the ACPA Standing Committee for Disability Ally Fellowship (2013).  Connect with her on Twitter @RachelHLuna.


AmandaKDr. Amanda Kraus received her M.A. and Ph. D. from the University of Arizona in Higher Education.  She currently serves as Associate Director at the University of Arizona Disability Resource Center. In her previous role on campus, she directed a federal grant to explore how disabled veterans experience higher education and develop initiatives for their successful integration to college.  Dr. Kraus is also Assistant Professor of Practice in the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the UA, where she coordinates the M.A. program and instructs courses on student services, student development and disability.  You can connect with her via Twitter @amandakrausphd


MaryTMary Tregoning works at the University of California, Riverside, where she is the Director of Residence Education and Diversity.  She is also the co-creator of the UCR Disability Advocates Program. As a visually impaired professional, Mary has a strong commitment to raising awareness of issues related to disability identity and social justice. Mary is a long-time member of ACPA, and her volunteer opportunities within that organization provide a forum for raising awareness about disability identity.


LeeBWLee Burdette Williams is Director of Student Life and Collegiate Partnerships at Mansfield Hall, an academic and residential support program for college students with learning disabilities located in Burlington, VT.  Her role at Mansfield Hall has two dimensions:  overseeing the day-to-day support provided to the students who live at Mansfield Hall while attending a local college, and helping colleges increase their own capacity to support students who are on the autism spectrum or have other nonverbal learning disabilities.  Prior to joining Mansfield Hall, Lee was Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Wheaton College (MA).


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This strategic partnership calls attention to the power of pairing an innovative professional development delivery method with the strength of a renowned professional organization. ACPA has a long standing history of thought-leadership and is respected for generating and disseminating knowledge.

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