If you’ve been following Eric Stoller online at all the last few months you know he’s been busy. From #140Cuse, to #BBW12 and CAMEX, he’s been in and out of more cities than I can count. Just keeping tabs on him is exhausting. But for all that he’s been up to lately, you may have noticed one thing that has been on a bit of hiatus, Student Affairs Live.

Producing our live weekly web shows is significantly more time consuming than most people realize, and juggling the workload required with a heavy travel schedule is a near impossible task. Couple that with the fact that Eric’s consulting and speaking schedule has snowballed to the point that he may now just be the busiest person I know, and it’s no wonder why Student Affairs Live has been on a bit of a break.

It is for this reason that today I’m proud to announce that our good friend Ed Cabellon will be replacing Eric as the primary host of Student Affairs Live. Ed has been a major voice in our space and neither Eric nor I could not think of a better person to fill his shoes. While letting go of the show was a difficult decision, Eric believed it was more important than ever that our industry have a space to connect and converse over the most pressing issues we face today.

It is our hope that with Ed at the helm we can return to regular broadcasts of Student Affairs Live, bringing you and your colleagues interviews with the best and brightest individuals in our industry.

Over the last year and half Eric has hosted countless episodes of Student Affairs Live and made major contributions to our space as a whole. On a personal level, I am deeply grateful for his friendship, partnership and guidance. Eric joined Higher Ed Live very early on in our existence and played a major role in helping us shape the network we are today. It’s also important to note that while no longer the regular host of Student Affairs Live, Eric will still very much be a part of the Higher Ed Live family, periodically hosting special editions of Student Affairs Live, and moving into an advisory role for the broader network.

As for Ed, he’ll be kicking off his hosting duties this Friday with a special live broadcast from the Student Affairs Tech Boston Unconference, and will continue past this week with bi-weekly broadcasts of Student Affairs Live. Make sure to tune in this Friday to support him with his first official broadcast.

I hope you can join me in thanking Eric for his service and contributions, and in welcoming Ed as the new host of Student Affairs Live. It’s a very exciting day for Higher Ed Live!


Article Author

Seth Odell

Founder and Advisor


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