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This post is written by Matthew Klingbeil, Program Manager at VisitDays.

There are two vital questions that must be answered when it comes to recruiting prospective students:

  • How are you getting students to visit your campus?
  • What are you doing to ensure your prospective students become enrolled students?

We recently teamed up with our partners at Georgia College & State University (GCSU) in Milledgeville, Georgia (listen to that conversation) to talk about these questions. GCSU figured out that one of the keys to combating some of the issues facing college admissions is to personalize the campus visit experience through technology and automation.

This year, GCSU will have around 22,000 visitors to campus with about an 84% show-up rate for their campus tours and events. GCSU can facilitate this many visitors with such a high show-up rate because of their mobile friendly focus that includes automated communication through text messaging and easy scheduling to make it as seamless as possible for prospective Gen Z students to visit campus. Understanding the need for personalization through automated communication and technology is a critical way for institutions to reach prospective students that increasingly demand a personal experience in their lives.

Impressively, for Fall 2018, about 30% of first-year students who enrolled at GCSU had their first source of contact with the institution through VisitDays and a campus visit. This means that the campus visit is rapidly becoming a currency for college admissions to accurately weigh student interest in an institution.

By this point, we all know the story. There’s a declining pool of domestic and international students, confusion over cost and value, and colleges and universities are facing stiff competition from other institutions and non-academic opportunities.

Tackling these issues can be difficult, but successful colleges and universities have latched onto the secrets that GCSU have uncovered. These institutions are putting their energy into creating more personal interactions with prospective students by using technologies that allow them to dive into robust data sets, make processes less manual, and focus their time on relationship building with students most likely to enroll.

It is more important now than ever to make every visitor count.


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