Higher education is a centuries old industry that is full of pride, tradition and honor. For some, it’s easy to let the sanctity of your brand get in the way of producing engaging content for your alumni. In this session, we’ll take our ties down a notch and discuss how the injection of humor into your content strategy is often the best way to bring your graduates back into the fold.

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Episode Host

Keith Hannon

Associate Director for Social Media Strategy, Cornell University

Keith Hannon is the associate director for social media at Cornell University. He manages the Cornell alumni communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram; an aggregate population of nearly 60,000 alumni.

His past life as an aspiring video artist has helped engage alumni via both livestreaming and YouTube videos. Most recently he has been breaking new ground experimenting with prospect research on the development and refinement of a process for prospect identification on social networks and implementing a crowdfunding platform that aims to attract previously unengaged donors.

Before Cornell, Hannon worked for Nickelodeon television and Six Degrees Games.



Adam Miller

Adam is director of digital and data services at the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA), and likes finding insights in data and building great digital experiences. In 2005, he developed The Relationship Model, a new way to segment Stanford’s alumni by behavior, and in 2009 began to lead SAA’s social media strategy. Since 2012, he has led the merged Digital & Data Services department, which combines data, social, web, email, mobile and other digital efforts under one vision in strong partnership with programs across SAA.

Miller graduated from Stanford in 1999 with a double major in music (specialization in music, science, and technology) and human biology, and has been a member of Stanford’s staff since 2002.


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