As Higher Ed Live turned one year old, I looked back on all the episodes we’ve produced (over 75) and realized that weekly live programming alone simply isn’t enough to highlight all the exciting and innovative things going on in our rapidly changing industry. In response to that, and in an effort to continuously grow Higher Ed Live as a digital development and professional empowerment resource, we’re happy to announce today the launch of a brand new interview series, Meet the Innovator.

Meet the Innovator is a new recorded interview series we’re rolling out that will highlight education innovators and spotlight the impact their work is having on our industry. From start ups rethinking the digital delivery of educational content to classroom instructors and higher ed administrators making transformational changes in their fields, this series will introduce the industry to thought leaders and influencers who are making a difference and fueling the change our industry so desperately needs.

Each pre-recorded interview will run just 10 minutes, providing a peak into an innovator’s world and work, and we’ll be rolling out up to 10 of these each and every month.

Our industry is changing, slowly, and it’s up to all of us to invest the time and energy into understanding the challenges ahead and the opportunities they present. Sustained innovation isn’t enough, and disruptive innovation is in many ways already here. Meet the Innovator aims to spotlight great work, from within higher ed institutions and from external organizations, and hopes to dissolve the sidelines mentality that has kept the collective conversation off disruptive innovation for too long.

We’ll be rolling out our first set of interviews next week, but in the meantime let us know if you have any suggestions for who you’d like to see on the program!


Article Author

Seth Odell

Founder and Advisor


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    • Seth Odell

      Talk about a great and loaded question, right? After giving that some thought while putting this together, I felt it was better to move into the series without a working definition. My concern was if I lock the selection criteria by a predetermined definition I may be limiting the opportunity to highlight great work and people. 

      That being said, I’m generally looking at innovation as any action – be it an idea, product, project, etc. – that introduces a new idea or way of thinking into the higher ed space. If it’s new, different, and has the opportunity to push us in a new direction, I’m interested. A lot of the subject matters will likely be examples of sustained innovation, where we are innovating the existing model, but I really want to highlight as much as possible disruptive innovation, where the new idea or action can actually disrupt the current market by creating a new one entirely. 

      In the end, the selection is really based on the ‘wow’ factor. If I hear about something and it makes me stop and think and wonder, I’m on board. 

      Would love feedback on this issue though! It would be helpful to know what viewers would like to see out of it. 

      • Andrew Careaga

        Great answer to a loaded question, Seth, and a good general definition. The reason I ask is because I’ve been thinking a lot about innovation the past year or so after reading Steven Johnson’s book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation (highly recommended). Also, his TED talk about the ideas behind his book is worth a viewing or two. See

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