Homecoming weekends are a great way to rally school spirit across campus communities. These four campuses had surprises around every turn for students, alumni, staff, and friends who got in on social sharing.

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Cornell University

The Homecoming planning team at Cornell University’s office of alumni affairs spent time thinking about how people would share stories about Homecoming on social media. Before the tweets, instagrams, and periscopes came rolling in during Homecoming weekend, @CornellAlumni ran an awareness campaign using the #CUHome hashtag.

  During the weekend, staff posted friendly reminders to tag photos in prime selfie locations.  

See all of the “gorges” content Cornell collected at tagboard.com.


Far…slightly above #cuhome and #cornell   A video posted by Cornell Alumni (@cornellalumni) on

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Ithaca College

Ithaca College hosts alumni reunions on Homecoming weekend. This year they produced a Snapchat story featuring alumni who were asked to share what they loved about their alma mater.

The College at Brockport, State University of New York

Student interns sparked the idea for a Homecoming-specific Snapchat filter at Brockport. This is Brockport’s second approved filter on Snapchat … and it features squirrels with pom poms. Seriously, what is not to like? Learn more about Snapchat filters.

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Grand Valley State University

We know peer-to-peer outreach is the best way to share university messages. GVSU built a social media advocate program with marketing messages, guidelines, and tactics for promoting the university. They have a Facebook group for advocates and a university contact person who serves as the social media advocate coordinator.



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Ashley Budd is a digital strategist and designer based in upstate New York. She specializes in bringing offline experiences online. Ashley is director of digital marketing at Cornell University serving Alumni Affairs and Development. Prior to joining the team at Cornell, Ashley spent more than five years in Enrollment Management and Career Services at Rochester Institute of Technology. Ashley speaks about college admissions, digital fundraising, communication and media technologies.


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