What are the unique characteristics of Generation Z, or those born from 1995-2010? How should our college and university organizations, environments, policies, and curriculum adapt to best meet the needs of this newest generation to come to campus? What do student affairs educators need to know to best engage and connect with students from Generation Z? Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace, authors of Generation Z Goes to College, write, “Although some characteristics may look similar to the Millennial Generation, Generation Z brings a whole new set of attributes and experiences to higher education.” In a recent blog post, Seemiller goes on to describe some of these differences,

Those in Generation Z identify as loyal and responsible as well as thoughtful and compassionate. They see the world’s problems as theirs to solve and approach life in a we-centric manner. This veers a bit from what we have seen from Millennials who, like Generation Z, care deeply about giving back to the community but do so in short bursts of intense volunteerism rather than how Generation Z prefers to engage with the community by addressing root causes of social ills.

Based on integrated research findings from nearly 300 sources, this important text is a must-read for student affairs educators and anyone in higher education.

Join Student Affairs Live co-host Heather Shea Gasser on Wednesday, May 11 for a conversation about Generation Z Goes to College with the book’s co-authors, Dr. Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace.

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Episode Host

Heather Shea

Heather Shea

Heather Shea's career in student affairs spans nearly two decades and five different campuses, and involves experience in many different functional areas including residence life, multicultural affairs, women’s centers, student activities, leadership development, and commuter/nontraditional student services–she identifies as a student affairs generalist. Heather is currently serving as the director of Women*s Student Services in the Division of Student Affairs at Michigan State University having just completed her Ph.D. in MSU's HALE (Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education) Program. She completed her master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Colorado State University in 2000. Connect with Heather on Twitter at @heather_shea_


Dr. Corey Seemiller

Dr. Corey Seemiller currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations at Wright State University teaching undergraduate courses in organizational leadership and graduate courses in leadership development. Prior to her role as a faculty member at Wright State University, Dr. Seemiller served as the Director of Leadership Programs and adjunct faculty/coordinator for the Minor in Leadership Studies and Practice at the University of Arizona and the Director of Leadership, Learning, and Assessment at OrgSync, Inc. She is the author of The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook and associated tools to help educators develop intentional curriculum that enhances leadership competency development, and her newly released book, Generation Z Goes to College, aims to prepare college educators to best serve and develop Generation Z students.


Meghan Grace

Meghan Grace completed her undergraduate degree at Chapman University and received her master’s in higher education from the University of Arizona. While at the University of Arizona, she worked in Leadership Programs and taught courses in leadership development, social entrepreneurship, career preparedness, and event planning. She currently serves as the new member orientation director for Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.