Web communicator Georgy Cohen teams up with Higher Ed Live to talk about the emerging role of online newsrooms in higher education. Just off the launch of Tufts University’s online newsroom, Georgy breaks down what makes up the best sites, what features are must haves, and shares the resources she used in helping develop Tufts’ presence.

Weekly 5
New Facebook Pages: Everything You Need to Know
Dramatically Increase the Conversion of Your Facebook Page
Research Examines How Students Assess Credibility of Wikipedia
Inigral receives $2 Million from Gates Foundation
Interview with Inigral CEO offers closer look at company and product

Unsolicited Shout-out of the Week
Back up your online presence with Backupify or SocialSafe.

Links from Georgy
http://adamwestbrook.wordpress.com/ – great resource for multimedia journalism
http://10000words.net/ – journalism/technology
http://www.niemanlab.org/ – journalism in the internet age
http://www.pbs.org/mediashift/ – Your Guide to the Digital Media Revolution
http://newstopiaville.com/ – project exploring the gamification of news
http://www.webinknow.com – Blog of David Meerman Scott
** http://www.newsu.org/ – Poynter’s News University, great learning resource, tons of affordable online courses and webinars on video production, writing, photography, even basic programming with jQuery, etc.



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