For 45 minutes Seth shares every advanced YouTube tip and trick imaginable. Learn everything from how to best YouTube’s ‘Related Videos’ algorithm to cropping letter-boxed videos and uploading custom thumbnails.

If you use YouTube at all this episode is a MUST watch.

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  • Solid. Gold. Ever sat through a “Marketing on YouTube” Webinar where they just tell you how many people use YouTube and how to physically upload a video. THIS is what I’m talking about. Forever grateful, Seth.

  • Great Job. So Informative. Love it.

  • Seth Odell

    Eduardo & Eric,

    Thank you both SO much! I love doing this show and especially had a blast with last night’s episode. I’m glad you both really enjoyed it. I LOVE that the #higheredlive audience is down to have these seriously technical convos.


  • Anonymous

    Does the “clicking through all videos you want to be linked to” tip work if you’re signed in to your account?

    Also, how do you attract the attention of faculty, staff and students to watch your videos, OFF of YouTube? Do you do anything beyond posting on Facebook and Twitter?

    • Seth Odell

      Yes, clicking through while logged in still works. That being said, suggested videos are customized so when you are logged in it will take into account your viewing history as well. For the most part, what you see is what everyone else sees though.

      Your second question is a great one. Having a central website where folks can go for news is key. I think colleges can really benefit from having an online newsroom that is meant to be a portal for stories/videos that anyone can watch. Let your viewer know where they can always find great stuff. Also, using traditional modes like regular emails work as well.

  • Skarp

    Great show, Seth! Big help. They ought to offer a Ph.D in YouTube and social media with you teaching.

  • For those interested, my notes from Seriously Advanced You Tubes Tips are online at:

  • Brad

    It would really be helpful if you’d post the links referred to in the video in your blog post!

    Great video. Thank you for sharing!