Nicole Lentine, Senior Assistant Director of Admission, joins Admissions Live from Champlain College. We discuss customer service roles and applications in college admissions, from communication challenges with prospective students, their parents and school counselors, to the tools that help you meet your communication needs.

Taken from the live broadcast, April 24, 2012.

Topics discussed during the LIVE broadcast include:

  • Customer service management
  • Online and on campus customer service roles
  • Print guides and checklists
  • Facebook applications
  • Text messaging services
  • Live chat

… and so much more

Have questions? Contact Nicole on twitter @nlentine.


Champlain College’s prospective student portal on Facebook

Champlain College is using Mongoose Research to reach student via text message

One example of chat software provider – Absolute Live Support 


SCVNGR, a Google-funded mobile game about going places, doing challenges and earning points. Check out the recent article from The Chronicle of Higher Education about how Dartmouth College Admissions utilizes SCVNGR for fun admissions events and tours. Read More

INIGRAL, the creators of the Schools App on Facebook. Check out their latest white paper titled “Recruiting International Students with Social Media” and learn how to how to use social media to improve international student yield and retention. Looking to engage international students with social media? Read More has conducted an intensive research study on what things influence a student’s college decision making process and what recruitment methods work best at each stage of their college search.  Zinch will be presenting at nearly 40 conferences this year.  To find out if they will be attending your conference send a tweet to @socialadmission or e-mail  To schedule a private presentation of their findings e-mail or tweet @gilrogers.

WELCOME TO COLLEGE, home of MARV, the Mobile Automated Research Vehicle. MARV recently attended admissions events at Case Western Reserve University & Bowling Green State University and is leaving a memorable impression on the visiting prospective students. Learn how to get MARV on your event schedule by emailing info@welcometocollege.comRead More > See Photos


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