Can custom content help colleges and universities take their broad-based engagement and fundraising strategies to the next level?

As concepts of personas and audience segmentation begin to pop up in higher ed communications, alumni affairs, and fundraising contexts, it’s clear that institutions sense opportunity in moving beyond conventional one-size-fits-all engagement strategies. But is differentiating between audiences enough to make a difference? Will colleges and universities ever be able to engage the broad base of their constituents at the individual level, with fully customized and personalizable content? In this conversation with QuadWrangle CEO and Co-founder Nick Zeckets and the MIT Alumni Association’s Christine Tempesta, we’ll examine why this is a goal worth pursuing, as well as some developments suggesting that it’s not as far off as it may seem.


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Episode Host

Andrew Gossen

Andrew Gossen

Andrew is a social media strategist/social anthropologist with a strong alumni relations background who is interested in the intersection between community, communication, and technology. His goal is to capitalize on the opportunities offered by emerging technologies, mobile and social, to advance organizational goals by enhancing connectedness and engagement between constituents and organizations, as well as among the constituents themselves. Andrew has a strong track record of recognizing emerging opportunities, mobilizing support for pilot projects and integrating successful experiments into organizational structure and strategy.


Nick Zeckets

Nick is founder and CEO at QuadWrangle, an alumni-centric social/mobile solution for alumni engagement. The QuadWrangle alumni apps provides curated content, a career network, and tools to connect. Schools receive a dynamic publishing and alumni insights platform.


Christine Tempesta

Christine is the senior director of information systems and volunteer services in the Alumni Association at MIT. She is responsible for the teams that focus on web development, data analytics, and advancement services, as well as volunteer leadership identification, recruitment, training and stewardship. Christine is a strategist and ardent fan of technology, she works online and off to create community and establish meaningful interactions between alumni, students, faculty and staff.


Andrew Gossen

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