Columbia’s third Columbia Giving Day raised $11,064,924 in 24 hrs. on October 29. That’s approximately $3 million more than was raised during Columbia Giving Day 2013. As they continue to explore this space and consolidate their position of leadership, Columbia is proving that Days of Giving can be much more than just one-off novelties for colleges and universities. Rather, it seems possible that they may have real value as annual programs that productively engage campus partners and external constituencies alike.

In this show, originally aired on November 11, Columbia’s Christina Sebastian and Jake Strang joined Advancement Live Host Andrew Gossen to talk through Columbia Giving Day 2014. Christina and Jake shared insights into getting ready for a Day of Giving, a behind-the-scenes look at what happens on the day itself, and their plans for stewardship and donor retention. Moreover, they reflected on trends that are beginning to emerge as they track donor behavior across multiple Columbia Giving Days.


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Episode Host

Andrew Gossen

Andrew Gossen

Andrew is a social media strategist/social anthropologist with a strong alumni relations background who is interested in the intersection between community, communication, and technology. His goal is to capitalize on the opportunities offered by emerging technologies, mobile and social, to advance organizational goals by enhancing connectedness and engagement between constituents and organizations, as well as among the constituents themselves. Andrew has a strong track record of recognizing emerging opportunities, mobilizing support for pilot projects and integrating successful experiments into organizational structure and strategy.

Andrew Gossen

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