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Although not every university has a membership driven alumni association, many of the largest schools in the U.S. are recruiting alumni members through creative benefits including, discounts, access to exclusive events and other perks. To market these memberships, administrators have gotten creative with how they get alumni to join and renew each year. Advancement Live co-host Ryan Catherwood will explore best practices in alumni association membership marketing with Adrienne Darrah from the University of Oregon Alumni Association.


Original Air Date: Tuesday, July 22th at 1pm EDT

Adrienne Darrah adrienne
Director of Membership and Business Development
University of Oregon Alumni Association

Eugene, OR

• Develop annual goals, projections and budgets based on data analysis and forecasts of membership and business development programs
• Create an integrated marketing and stewardship plan for the membership program
• Implement a robust stewardship program to engage and acknowledge members for their support
• With the assistance of the Assistant Director and two part time student employees, manage acquisition, retention and fulfillment processes for membership program
• Working with external vendors and sponsors, develop an integrated marketing plan for the business development program

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Ryan Catherwood

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