Look out GoToMeeting and WebEx, there is a new tool out for hosting your own online conferences and it’s completely FREE!

Big Marker is a new online meeting platform that offers multipoint video conferencing, screen sharing and even an interactive whiteboard. Our personal favorite feature, the interactive whiteboard lets you draw shapes, text or type, and really opens up a presenters ability to engage an audience.

It’s pretty amazing this site is free, considering the sometimes hefty price tags thrown around by their competitors, but it does have a noticeably less glossy interface. It also doesn’t have a way to directly incorporate PowerPoint slides. You can use their screen sharing feature, which can do the trick, but it’s not as ideal as if you could completely connect BigMarker with the PowerPoint application itself. With the ability to make any event public or private, this can be utilized for internal audiences as well.

The price point on this product still makes it a perfect tool for educators or administrators and it’s worth your time to check it out. See for yourself by trying the Big Marker Demo.

Giving Credit
We here at Higher Ed Live first learned of Big Marker from Richard Bryne and his blog Free Technology for Teachers. Richard came on Higher Ed Live Sunday, Jan. 16, and talked in detail about Big Marker and several of his other favorite tech sites and apps. You can check out the full show below.


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Seth Odell

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