June 20, 2014 9:44 am


From one-person shops to full-service, revenue-generating internal agencies, higher education pros are raising the bar for creative marketing across the industry. But it’s hard work. Successful in-house agencies need to manage talent, time, competing priorities, strategy, production, costs, vendors, relationships and of course, internal politics. Hear about the creative balance that goes in leading, developing and working with in-house agencies.

In this Marketing Live show, which originally aired live on June 19, 2014, some of the industry’s best creative leaders talk candidly about working with complex creative service business models and balancing priorities. The discussion covers:

  • Fee-for-service vs. free of charge creative services.
  • How to say no to projects and all levels of clients while maintaining key relationships across campus.
  • Constantly raising the bar for creative work, even when no one’s asking.
  • Ridiculous “creative” requests we’ve seen and heard in higher ed.

On this show:

Vanessa Correa
Creative Director
University of California

Vicky Earp
Director of Creative Services
NC State University

Doug Gapinski

Tim Jones (host)
AVP of Marketing
Clarkson University

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Higher Ed Live is produced by mStoner, a marketing and communications firm that works with education institutions on branding, strategy, web design, and more.


Tim Jones

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