April 24, 2011 9:54 pm


Each Spring colleges and universities around the country kick into high gear as they accept a new class of students to join their institution’s family. As technology has advanced, best practices for welcoming and engaging these students has evolved as well. Special in-studio guest Mike Petroff visits Higher Ed Live HQ to break down Facebook Pages & Groups, how to encourage online engagement via traditional marketing, and shares best examples of higher ed accepted student marketing.
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  • Great show, guys! Love the “Welcome to Emerson” post-enrollment video. As someone who doesn’t deal too much (at all) with the post-enrolled student experience, that video and the portal itself are such great ideas. But, the first 12:04 of that video is prospect gold! I can’t imagine not using it in your recruitment stages!?

    • Anonymous

      Great point, Eric. While the video is killer for post-enrollment, there is nothing stopping them from re purposing some of it for next year’s prospectives. In fact, considering how overworked many of us are in higher ed, it’s always great to re purpose content we already created. I think cutting that video up and using it year round is a great idea. Leverage your golden content.

  • great episode!!!!! I want to continually bridge our print to digital, does anyone have any stats on a younger demo using QR codes for this purpose? They are great because they are free, otherwise we could start using text to get to social media but that tends to cost some monie$