Paying to play with content on social media may seem frustrating, but it’s actually giving us more value than ever before. Gone are the days of relying on organic reach, especially for small institutions.

On this episode of Marketing Live, Abby Meyer joins us to share why paid content is an essential and valuable piece of your social media plan. Learn how boosted content and paid ads helped the University of Nebraska Medical Center exceed reach and engagement expectations on Facebook, while accomplishing a high return on investment. You will also hear about the importance of accurately targeting your audience for paid content – something that was crucial to UNMC’s success.


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Episode Host

Amy Jorgensen

Amy Jorgensen

Amy L Jorgensen specializes in developing a digital presence and consumer engagement strategies for brand awareness and customer acquisition. She is the Director of Marketing for Georgia State University College of Law. She has developed marketing strategies and directed implementation for the University of Virginia, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, University of Florida, and Walt Disney World. Amy has a B.S. in Business Marketing from the University of Florida and is a University of Florida MBA Candidate. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her Basset Hounds, Chauncey Billups & Priscilla Presley.


Abby Meyer

Abby is the web content and social media specialist in the public relations department at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She leads all social content creation, strategy and execution for UNMC’s primary social platforms. She also serves as an on-campus consultant assisting colleges, departments, and affiliates in developing and maintaining their own social media initiatives.

Abby began her career in digital media at advertising agencies and a photo/video studio, working in video production and social media with national brands. Abby earned her bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and will receive her master’s degree in integrated media communications in December 2017 from UNL.

Follow Abby on Twitter at @abbyelisabeth25.


Amy Jorgensen

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