While podcasting in its earlier forms dates back to the mid-2000s, it’s growth in recent years has been nearly insatiable. Now, one in four Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Higher Ed Live noticed this trend, and in 2015, we started making all our episodes available for free via podcasts. (Check out the top Higher Ed Live podcasts of 2016.)

Since launching, we’ve made 459 episodes available to our viewers and you’ve downloaded them more than 200,000 times!

Here are the top downloaded podcasts of 2017:

Admissions Live

Sponsored by NRCCUA

Effective Student Accepted Yield Strategies
Jennifer Fellinger, Vice President for Public Affairs and Marketing at Hope College discusses how Hope stays ahead of the curve with their innovative approach to yield-based communication and events.

Social Listening: A New Enrollment Influencer
Dr. Liz Gross discusses the genesis of social listening and how enrollment professionals can use it to capitalize on student interest, identify potential flaws, and much more.

Advancement Live

Sponsored by iModules

Let’s Talk about LinkedIn
Kim Brown chats with three LinkedIn power users about the strategies they find are most effective on the world’s largest professional network.

Activating Alumni as Social Media Ambassadors
Alumni social media ambassadors can help make sure you content reaches the maximum number of people. Listen to experts from the University of Chicago and Northeastern University talk about their ambassador programs—and what you should know if you’re looking to launch (or improve) one at your institution.

Marketing Live

Sponsored Funnelback, mStoner, Inc. & PRSA’s Counselors to Higher Education

Identifying Relevant Audiences
James Vineburgh, an experienced higher education marketer with extensive experience with market research, statistical analysis, and lead generation discusses new data sources for research purposes, how to collect data from your target audiences for further communication, and how to gain better understanding of how institutional brands are perceived in real time.

Managing Content Contributors
People say, “Content is king” but we know it’s the person creating the content wearing the crown. Hear best practices and lessons learned that will help your content contributors as well as tools to rethink your content strategy workflows to support contributors and get great results.

Student Affairs Live

Sponsored by ACPA

#ThisIsUs: Confronting the Continuing Realities of White Supremacy in Higher Education
Confronting the continuing realities of white supremacy facing institutions of higher education for many student affairs educators requires an approach to our work that acknowledges our own complicity as well as attends with care and concern for our students, and also for our colleagues, and for ourselves.

Implicit Bias and Inclusive Language
Zaneta Rago-Craft, Yoshiko Harden, and Lena Tenney discuss how to better understand where, how and when we develop our biases. Other topics explored on this episode include micro-aggressions and inclusive language, strategies for ameliorating bias, and tactical self-presentation.

Higher Ed Special Edition

Sponsored by Mongoose & OmniUpdate

Text Messaging for Student Success
Jeff McNamara, Director of Student Success, shares how Carroll University uses text messaging to retain and ultimately graduate more students.

How to Incorporate Texting into your Existing Communications Plan
Hear from enrollment pros who have taken on integrating text messaging into their communications strategies. The panel discusses how to add text messaging in your current communication plan and what changes once text messaging in the mix.


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Daniella Nordin

Daniella Nordin

Content Coordinator and Host
Director of Marketing for Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York

Daniella is a digital content strategist with a roots in social media marketing. Her work includes producing and curating content that engages — and cultivates — alumni and prospective students. She fangirls over finding ways to creatively share stories online and offline. A native of the great state of Ohio, Daniella is a graduate of The Ohio State University (#BuckeyeForLife) and holds an M.A. in Communications from the University at Albany, SUNY. You can find her drinking Diet Coke, watching The West Wing, and listening to podcasts, when she isn't co-hosting Ladies 80s on the Skidmore College radio station.


Daniella Nordin

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