If you missed this special broadcast from last week’s Stamats Integrated Marketing Conference in Chicago, do yourself a favor and clear your calendar right now. Without a doubt our most anticipated live stream of the year, this 90-minute panel features 15 college-bound teens participating in a candid conversation surrounding their experience with the college search and recruitment process.

Want to know what teens think about your website, direct mail campaigns, being contacted by recruiters on Facebook, QR codes, campus visits, and just about anything else you can imagine? Swallow your pride, sit back and get ready for the most honest – and valuable – feedback you’ll hear in a long, long time.

For all the time we spend marketing to college-bound students, this panel, part of Stamats TeensTALK Research Serires, is without a doubt one of the most valuable events you’ll experience all year.

Thanks to the folks at Stamats for letting us be a part of the big event, and for letting us share it with all of you!


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