In this inaugural episode of Admissions Live, Ashley Hennigan hosts Don Fraser in a discussion of the state of college admissions. Don Fraser is the Director of Education and Training at NACAC. Topics include changing demographics, economic impacts, and the relevance of higher education. Don predicts the biggest challenges and opportunities in 2012.

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Admissions Live is sponsored four incredible sponsors this year.  Inigral, the creators of the Schools App on Facebook. Their white paper “The Social Side of Student Retention” summarizes the research behind how social connections are critical to student success. SCVNGR is a Google-funded mobile game about going places, doing challenges, and earning points. Check out the recent article from The Chronicle of Higher Education about how Dartmouth College Admissions utilizes SCVNGR for fun admissions events and tours. Huge congratulations to Welcome to College. Who has been awarded the 2011 winners of’s “Visualizing Success” national contest, based on how they build momentum and awareness around the importance of college visits. Also excited to be working with Zinch, the preferred destination by over 3 million students to research schools and scholarships, and to showcase themselves as more than a test score. Over 1,000 colleges and universities around the globe partner with Zinch to attract and enroll best-fit students on the largest college-search social network in the world. To learn more about Zinch e-mail or tweet @socialadmission.
Why College Is Still Relevant in the Age of Free Information, via Mashable.
FUTURE SHOCK: College for today’s newborns could cost as much as $422K, from The Daily.
Christina Quinn calls out 6 Biggest Lies in College Admissions.
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Thank you Eric Clark for all your chatter and support over on our hash tag #AdmissionsLive. You rock!
Check out Eric doing great things over at @QuincyTutoring.


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