They said it could not be done with shared governance, a model where the academic senate has equal say in decisions made that impact the whole university. How does this model work when you are trying to implement a search engine or any other enterprise software solution? This organizational structure is common and challenges many universities.

On this special edition of Higher Ed Live, Kevin McGlynn speaks with us about implementing large projects in a federated environment at University of Oxford. He’ll share experience implementing one software solution centrally, and another on the outskirts, in isolation. Both approaches have their merits and both have been successful for different reasons.


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Episode Host

Amy Jorgensen

Amy Jorgensen

Amy L Jorgensen specializes in developing a digital presence and consumer engagement strategies for brand awareness and customer acquisition. She has also developed marketing strategies and directed implementation for the University of Virginia, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, University of Florida Department of Housing, University of Florida College of Medicine, Disney’s Worldwide Safety and Accessibility, and a Disney ticketing subsidiary company. Amy is a University of Florida Business Marketing alum and now lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her Basset Hounds, Chauncey Billups & Priscilla Presley.


Kevin McGlynn

Kevin is strategic and technical manager for implementation of CRUK Oxford Centre collaboration assessment projects and outputs. Spanning multiple disciplines, his projects will gather collaboration data from multiple sources, will require engagement from varying levels of academics, the completion of a an academic linked open data platform and user engagement web tools, and deliver insights based on activities across the Centre networks.

Kevin is an expert in online solutions and shares a passion for driving collaboration in the modern academic landscape. He is a technical project manager at the University of Oxford and joins our live broadcast from the UK.