April 23, 2013 8:10 am


Wednesday, April 24 at 12:00pm EST
Broadcasted over Google Plus, On-Air Hangout
Conversation: #SAlive

This week on Student Affairs Live, I talked about Building Innovative Slidedecks with Paul Gordon Brown from Boston College and Courtney O’Connell from Rutgers University!  If you have been wanting to create new, exciting, and innovative presentation slides, this is one Student Affairs Live you have to watch and take notes on!  We were excited about this conversation!

If you have any more questions for our guests, please leave them in the comments below, or tweet them, adding the #SAlive hashtag!  Thanks to those who joined us LIVE on Wednesday! To those who missed it, the video replay is up above to watch the replay in syndication!

Paul Brown a PhD candidate in the Higher Education Program at Boston College where he is a Teaching Fellow, and serve as an Adjunct Faculty member at Merrimack College.  He has over 10 years of professional experience in higher education and student affairs in a diverse array of functional areas including residential education, honors programs, academic advising, and student activities.  He received his B.A. in Philosophy from SUNY Geneseo, studying abroad at New College, Oxford University, and received his M.S. in College Student Personnel at Western Illinois.  Paul currently serves with the governing board of ACPA as the Coordinator for Standing committees.  He consults and speaks frequently on social media, student development, and design.  His webpage is www.paulgordonbrown.com 


Courtney O’Connell is the Associate Director for Leadership and Training at Rutgers University. On any given day you can find her dreaming up new initiatives, learning new technology to play with, and meeting with students/colleagues with the ultimate goal in mind of empowering those around her to dream big, think different and change the world around them.

She’s a firm believer in side-projects as creative outlets and juggles any number of them at times. Most notably she envisioned and served as project manager on The Big Ideas in Higher Education Conference, and co-founded The Jersey Alliance. She has been recognized for her entrepreneurial efforts as a 99% Conference Fellow for 2013, and in 2011 she was inducted into the prestigious ACPA honor society with the Annuit Coeptis Emerging Professional award.

With a decent command of writing training publications she was honored to author a comprehensive membership development curriculum distributed nationally for Theta Phi Alpha fraternity.

Courtney firmly believes that the way we design, promote and deliver professional development needs to be examined and changed in significant ways. She plans to dedicate her career to changing the way educators learn and grow, in hopes that if we combine our expertise in student learning and development with expertise from various industries and forms of inspiration we can come up with innovative solutions to the problems we currently face in education.


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