Admission decisions have been approved. Acceptance letters have been sealed and delivered. Now, the work shifts. In this step in the admissions cycle our messaging must shift with our work.

In this episode of Admissions Live, Daniella Nordin, digital engagement manager at Skidmore College, joins host Chris D’Orso to talk yield strategy.  Find out how Skidmore plans to increase yield using a multimedia approach (yes, even print!) and walk away with a few tips you can incorporate at your own institution.

Topics discussed in this live broadcast include:

  • Utilizing your acceptance packet as an online driver
  • Incorporating purls and unique landing pages into your yield strategy
  • Building momentum and relationships using hashtags
  • Integrating multimedia into your on-campus yield events

Admissions Live is sponsored by mStoner, Inc.

Episode Host

Chris D'Orso

Chris D'Orso

Chris D’Orso is the Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the College at Brockport. A SUNY lifer, he has a B.A. from Geneseo, worked in student activities at Finger Lakes Community College and in admissions and orientation at Old Westbury, before joining Stony Brook, where he ran social media for one of the top public universities in the northeast. He also got his butt kicked on “Jeopardy!,” a defeat he rues to this day.


Daniella Nordin

Daniella is currently the digital engagement manager at Skidmore College in office of marketing and communications. She produces and curates content with the aim to cultivate prospective students and alumni. A native of the great state of Ohio, she is a graduate of the Ohio State University (#BuckeyeForLife) and holds an M.A. in Communications from the University at Albany, SUNY. In her spare time, she listens to podcasts, watches The West Wing, and drinks Diet Coke. Follow Daniella, @DaniellaNordin.


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