December 10, 2012 1:42 pm


Wednesday, December 12th at 12:00pm EST
Broadcasted over Google Plus, On-Air Hangout
Conversation: #SAlive

Recently, I sat down, virtually via Google Plus On-Air Hangouts, with Sara Lipka, senior editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education, who oversees The Chronicle’s coverage of college student stories.  We talked about her role in the media and how she covers stories in Higher Education, particularly those in Student Affairs/Student Life.

Thanks to all those who watched live and if you missed it, please watch the show in syndication!

Sara Lipka, a senior editor, oversees The Chronicle’s coverage of students, from prospective applicants to recent graduates or dropouts. She has written extensively about campus discipline and student legal issues, including federal crime-reporting and privacy law; she covered Duke University’s lacrosse scandal, Eastern Michigan University’s apparent cover-up of a student’s murder, and the aftermath of the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Lipka also reports on student life. She has written features on farmers, feminists, veterans, interns, athletes, and activists. She helped start The Chronicle’s student-life podcast series, Say Something, and has taken part in several radio programs and conference panels.

Before coming to The Chronicle, in 2003, Lipka interned at The Atlantic. She graduated from Duke University summa cum laude in 2001, and spent the following year in Chile as a Fulbright fellow. For six months in 2009, Lipka left The Chronicle to live and work on a farm; her dispatches appeared on the Atlantic‘s Web site. She has also worked as an umpire.


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  • Capstone On Campus

    Thanks for this.  I’m fairly new to the SA Live broadcasts, but love the format.  I especially love hearing from someone from The Chronicle.  Sara, as you write about students, I’d love to know how you come across stories you end up writing about.  Do you find them, or do they find you?

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