April 16, 2011 12:58 pm


Professional networking was a central theme at this year’s NASPA Annual Conference. Everyone that I talked to was excited about the opportunity to meet new colleagues, share ideas, attend sessions, and enhance their professional development. More than 5,000 student affairs practitioners attended the conference. Session topics ran the gamut of student affairs functional areas. Consolidation was frequently discussed as was the overall future of the profession. I had the opportunity to facilitate two social media unsessions, attend two tweetups (#SAchat and #WLSalt), and interview several folks to get their impressions from the event. I mention it in my interview clip, but my favorite session was definitely “SSAOs: Tweeting and Educating With Purpose.”

Watch a quick recap of the conference as well as clips from conference attendees:

Ann Marie Klotz – “NASPA is a professional family reunion…”

Mamta Accapadi – “[Social media] captures the value, spirit and philosophy of student affairs.”

Licinia Kaliher – “I came to NASPA to present on my dissertation – multimedia principles and online learning.”

Deb Schmidt-Rogers – “[#WLSalt] is a positive affirmation about what it means to be a woman leader.”

Julie Payne Kirchmeier – “It was great to see a lot of senior level administrators as well as new folks..taking an interest in using social media as a professional development tool.”

Niki Rudolph – Why are you at NASPA? “To meet a ton of people that I know from Twitter and [other forms] of social media, to meet them in real life.”

Eric Stoller – “Each NASPA experience gets better each year.”

Special thanks to Brian Gallagher and Nick Estrada for their videography skills.