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New student orientation season is in full swing on many college and university campuses. While the average age of college-going adults is no longer 18-22, many of our residential/traditional campuses still primarily serve this population… and their parents/guardians.  Transition from high school to college can be an unsettled time for students, but it is also equally challenging for their parents who are shifting responsibility as the primary “director” of their child’s live to a sideline role. How campus administrators, student affairs professionals, and faculty interface with parents at orientation and beyond can impact student success, retention, and transition.

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host  Heather Shea Gasser connects with three student affairs professionals who interact with parents a great deal throughout the entire year on three of our nation’s largest campuses. Kathy Adams Riester serves as the Associate Dean of Students and the Director of Parent and Family Programs at the University of Arizona. Brian MacDonald serves as the Director of New Student Orientation and Parent and Family Programs at Rutgers University. And, Paul Shang is the Dean of Students at the University of Oregon. Please read the detailed bios of the three guests below.

Please join us for this important conversation about creating partnerships with parents. Student Affairs Live welcomes your tweets to #higheredlive!

KathyARKathy Adams Riester serves as the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Parent & Family Programs at the University of Arizona. Kathy has worked with Parent & Family Programs for more than seven years, previously working in student activities, fraternity and sorority life, student conduct, and residence life. As the Director, Kathy helps to provide comprehensive parent outreach and support services, which includes parent involvement, programming, donor development and a parent advisory board. You can connect with Kathy on Twitter at @KathyARiester


 BrianMBrian MacDonald is the Director of New Student Orientation and Family Programs at Rutgers University. Before merging parent programs with Student Life at Rutgers, he helped create the office of New Student and Family Programs at Boise State University. He spent time at UC Santa Barbara after finishing graduate school at the University of Vermont. He loves working with parents and family members, and believes the awesome parents out there far outweigh the few challenging ones about whom our industry has created a lot of hyperbole. He also loves working with geeky and nerdy students, advising Rutgers Geek Week and appearing this summer for the second year in a row on the “Bringing Geek Back to Higher Education” panel at Comic Con International in San Diego. You can connect with Brian on Twitter at @Beanpole_Brian 

PaulSDr. Paul Shang is Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students at the University of Oregon.  Paul has done student affairs work for over 30 years including many happy years doing orientation.  He is also a proud past president of the American College Personnel Association. You can connect with Paul on Twitter at @Paul_Shang




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