How do college men understand what it means to be a man? What influences these understandings? What are the consequences – on campus communities, on people of all genders, on the men themselves? How can those working in higher education best support men’s engagement and learning, foster healthy identity development, and not reify men’s social privilege in the process?

Join Student Affairs Live guest host Keith Edwards as he discusses these and other topics of men and masculinities in higher education with panelists Tracy Davis, Rachel Wagner, Wilson Okello, and Dan Tillapaugh. Panelists will bring their academic expertise, research findings, and personal reflections to deepen the dialogue.


Episode Host

Keith Edwards

Keith E. Edwards, PhD is a speaker, consultant, and leadership coach. Over the past 15 years, Keith has spoken and consulted at more than 100 campuses on sexual violence prevention, men’s identity, social justice education, and curricular approaches to student affairs. He has presented more than 100 programs at national conferences and has written more than 15 articles or book chapters on these issues. His research, writing, and speaking has received national awards and recognition including ACPA Doctoral Writing Award and ACPA Diamond Honoree.



Tracy L. Davis

Tracy serves as Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at Western Illinois University where he also directs the College Student Personnel Program. In 2011 he also began serving as Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Masculinities and Men’s Development. Dr. Davis co-authored his most recent book Advancing Social Justice in 2013 and co-edited Masculinities in Higher Education in 2011. Most importantly, he remains wildly unfinished.


Rachel Wagner

Rachel Wagner, EdD, serves as the Associate Director for Residence Life at Iowa State University.  Her research interests include male gender identity and the influence of masculinity performance on diversity related outcomes.  She currently serves as the Emerging Scholar in Residence for ACPA’s Coalition on Men and Masculinities. Rachel has published articles on the intersection of gender and disability and men’s experiences in diversity education.


Wilson Okello

Wilson is a doctoral student in the Student Affairs in Higher Education Program at Miami University where he is a teaching and research associate. His research interests explore the nexus of Critical Race Theory and Black Feminist Thought applied to student development theory and pedagogy. A scholar-artist, Wilson is an experienced educator and speaker who actively employs creative pedagogical practices as a method of disruption, (re)membering, and (re)presentation in his formal teaching and public engagement. He is the founder of the Truth to Power Project, an initiative that emphasizes agency and self-determination in the pursuit of holistic living.


Dan Tillapaugh

Dan Tillapaugh is an assistant professor of counselor education in the Graduate School of Education at California Lutheran University.  His research agenda explores intersectionality in student development, college men and masculinities, LGBTQ issues in higher education, and college student leadership and development.  He is the past chair of the Coalition on Men and Masculinities for ACPA and a current ACPA Emerging Scholar Designee.  Dan lives in Long Beach, CA with his husband, Martin Fernandez.