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Advancement Live co-host Ryan Catherwood chats with Candice Smith, Events Marketing Manager at iModules about the premier conference event of the summer! #Sizzler14

iModules is a sponsor of Advancement Live.

iModules’ annual user conference, Sizzler, is a three-day event for networking, sharing, and learning industry best practices. Join over 500 of higher education professionals, representing more than 225 organizations July 27 – 30, 2014 in Overland Park!

Attendees come to Sizzler to learn how to maximize results with the iModules tools, but they keep coming back because of the experience and relationships they build. Each day of the conference the rooms are buzzing with people connecting and sharing the successes. There’s such a sense of camaraderie and inspiration at Sizzler, it’s more like a family reunion than a conference. First-time attendees are welcomed like long lost cousins and friendships are forged that go far beyond the three days in Kansas City – that’s what makes Sizzler unique.

New Session Track:

iModules’ eighth annual user conference, Sizzler, is proud to introduce Engagement Strategies, a new track featuring session topics on strategic planning, online networking events, mobile-ready sites, strategic consulting, new profile pages, social media, and more! sizzler

Tour De Hashie:

Sizzler’s Hashie (the infamous hashtag) is on the move! Hashie will be traveling the country visiting iModules clients leading up to Sizzler 2014. Keep an eye on his adventures on the #tourdehashie Tagboard: https://tagboard.com/tourdehashie #Sizzler14 (photo example attached).

Keynote Speaker:

iModules is thrilled to introduce this year’s Sizzler Keynote Speaker, Lorna Somers! Lorna has been working in University Advancement at McMaster University since 1998. Learn more about Lorna and her experience on the Sizzler website.

Link to Lorna Keynote page:


Link to register for Sizzler:

Link to Sizzler site:




Ryan Catherwood

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