In this week’s episode of Marketing Live we’ll be speaking with two campus administrators who work day-to-day to identify and cultivate student leaders on campus. We’ll explore the challenges of recruiting diverse leadership and we’ll discuss ways student affairs professionals can identify underrepresented leaders. The participants will also talk about ways they can help student leaders grow during their time on campus, and conflicts that may inherently arise during that growth. Both participants will bring stories from campus and offer insights on the future of student affairs.


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Episode Host

Kylie Larson

Quality Assurance Manager, mStoner

I love working in #highered! At mStoner I get to see my ideas put into action, I’m surrounded by brilliant co-workers, and I get to be part of exciting partnerships with our clients. I am based in the Chicago office.

Here are a few of the fun/awesome/inspiring projects I’ve worked on recently:

I received my degrees from Indiana University and Vanderbilt University (and my heart is split equally – Go Hoosiers! Go ‘Dores!). Anything else you want to know? Feel free to contact me.




Danielle Burke

Danielle is Residence Director at Northwestern University. In her position, Danielle supervises 14 undergraduate Resident Assistants and one graduate student Assistant Residence Director, helping them to oversee 600 college residents in four buildings. Her buildings include three residential colleges, the college interfaith hall, substance abuse housing, and gender open housing. Her day consists of a lot of various meetings, committees, conduct reviews, and one-on-ones with her staff. Danielle also advises, directly or indirectly, each hall’s government or executive board.


Kris Vatter

Kris is Director of Student Activities and Buntrock Commons at St. Olaf College. In her position, Kris oversees the daily operations of of the student commons and works with over 250 student organizations, seeing something different every day. She co-advises the Student Government Association which includes the major student programming boards, volunteer coordinator, diversity celebrations, Board of Regents student connection, and marketing. She is also a coordinator for the campus Week One program.


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