We’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of HigherEdLive.com!

Why relaunch the website?

When mStoner took the reins in November 2012, we knew great things were ahead. It was important to our team to ensure that any changes we made to the network were in the best interest of our viewers, so we took time to learn, test out new ideas, and see how the network’s audience responded.

As I shared in a blog post last month, our team carefully planned for the inevitable merger of EDUniverse and Higher Ed Live. We evaluated the best features from both networks and deliberately worked enhancements into the new site.

What is new and exciting?

Here’s an overview of some of the exciting changes we’ve made to HigherEdLive.com:

  • It’s easier than ever to watch our live broadcasts and participate in the backchannel. When we’re airing, the broadcast will automatically display on the homepage with the live Twitter stream on the right.
  • You’ll never forget to tune into an upcoming episode because you can now add future shows to your calendar straight from the website.
  • Listening to podcasts just got a lot easier. We’re aggregating the most recent episodes on the podcast section of the site. Or, you can subscribe on iTunes.
  • Site visitors will enjoy more written content from Higher Ed Live hosts and industry thought leaders in 2015. We’re looking forward to welcoming new guest-bloggers to contribute to the Higher Ed Live network. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, you can shoot us an email.
  • Sometimes it isn’t possible to attend conferences throughout the year, so we’ve added a conferences section to highlight content from some of the industry’s most valuable events. If you’d like to learn more about showcasing your conference’s content on Higher Ed Live, email me.

Alas, as one door opens, another closes. Today we’re also saying goodbye to EDUniverse.org. We appreciate that so many higher ed professionals created accounts, uploaded their content, and found inspiration.

Questions or Comments?

We’d love to hear what you think about the new site. Leave us a comment or email me!


Article Author

Mallory Wood

Mallory Wood

Director of Marketing, mStoner Inc.

Mallory Wood brings over nine years of marketing, digital, and undergraduate enrollment experience to mStoner. Mallory is responsible for mStoner’s marketing strategy, works with clients to develop social media strategies, and manages EDUniverse Media.