January 29, 2015 2:00 pm


Higher ed leaders are increasingly seeking support from their marketing and communications teams in order to more effectively engage and communicate on social media. Author and social media strategist Dan Zaiontz recently wrote a book, #FollowTheLeader: Lessons in Social Media Success from #Highered CEOs. Patrick Powers hosts Zaiontz with tips for those looking to help their college leadership enhance its social media profile.


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Episode Host

Patrick Powers

Patrick Powers

Accomplished marketing and communications professional with extensive experience in digital strategy, brand management, project management, online communications, social media, measurement, and integrated marketing strategy. Strong leadership; versatility; and, analytical and decision-making skills.


Dan Zaiontz

Dan Zaiontz, MCM is a Toronto-based professional communicator with more than eight years of experience representing some of Canada’s largest media brands including stints with Rogers Sportsnet and Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium (CTV Olympics).

In recent years, Zaiontz has pursued new opportunities in the higher education sector, joining the communications and strategic planning team at Seneca College, serving previously as the college’s Sports Information and Promotions Co-ordinator and currently as Special Projects Co-ordinator and Professor.

Specializing in social media strategy, speechwriting, and public relations, he completed a Master of Communications Management (MCM) from McMaster University-Syracuse University in 2014.


Dr. Scott D. Miller

Dr. Miller has served as President of the College and M.M. Cochran Professor of Leadership Studies since the fall of 2007. Respected as one of the most entrepreneurial higher education executives in America, Dr. Miller is in his 24th year as a college president.


Patrick Powers

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