Michael Szarek, Founder of College Counseling for the Rest of Us, joins Admissions Live and reveals what the college admission process looks like through the eyes of first-generation families. From college search to those critical moments in the final decision making process, we discuss their concerns and offer strategies to help recruit this growing population of prospective students.

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INIGRAL, the creators of the Schools App on Facebook. Check out their webinar series about how private social networks can increase yield and retention. That happens Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern time.
SCVNGR, a Google-funded mobile game about going places, doing challenges and earning points. Learn how Penn State leveraged the SCVNGR platform to engage prospective students during their Spend A Summer Day visit program.
WELCOME TO COLLEGE, who believes it’s all in the visit, has created web and mobile applications to help institutions measure and manage their most critical recruitment tool, the college visit. Now with over 15,000 ratings on the Welcome to College site, check out how prospective students and parents are rating their college visit experiences.
ZINCH.com, the leader in social admissions. Over 3 million students log-on world wide to Zinch.com and connect with over 1,000 colleges and universities from around the globe.  Zinch is changing the game in prospective student recruitment. To learn more about the largest college search social network, e-mail outreach@zinch.com or tweet @socialadmission.

Virtual College Counseling for $100 an Hour via The Chronicle of Higher Education
Is College Worth It?  by Debra Sanborn
Five questions with Seth Godin  from Rob Zinkan

Unsolicited Shout-out of the Week
Robin is the premiere Disruptive Technologist at Penn State and a force to be reckoned within higher education. Join me in wishing Robin a very happy birthday!


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