Laura Pasquini shared her knowledge on Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and using them to eliminate the “silo” mentality in higher education. Laura is a multidisciplinary student affairs and academic affairs professional.

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Weekly Challenge and Support
Earthquake and Tsunami disaster in Japan. Please txt REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 for relief efforts.
Texas Tech makes drastic changes to their Student Affairs division
Student at UCLA mocks fellow students
Recap of the 2011 NASPA Annual Conference

Unsolicited Shout-out of the Week
The #SAchat – the hashtag for Student Affairs professionals on Twitter. Amazing people, amazing community.

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Article Author

  • Dr. Jeff M. Allen

    Nice job on the webcast!

  • @jessfaulk

    I’ve listened to both SAlive episodes and wanted to see when you planned to get into the itunes podcast directory. I’m already subscribed to HigherEd Live’s podcast and would love for this one to download automatically as well 🙂 Nothing better than having a little student affairs prodevelopment on a drive or walk!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jess,

      SALive should be available on the same iTunes subscrition as Higher Ed Live. If it’s not appear there that’s definitely a problem. I’ll look into it and let you know what I find out!

      Thanks so much for watching!


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