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  • Nicely done Tim and Seth, nicely done.

  • Great job with the first episode. Congrats.

    Side note: If you’re looking for your university’s Articles of Corporation, most are on file with your respective Secretary of State’s office. Here in Missouri I was able to download the PDF from the state (It’s a public record) and submit the PDF directly to Facebook. Still waiting for a response…

  • AllisonMaloney@SienaCollege

    I agree about with Tim about how helpful Foursquare was! I+ had the same experience.

  • Seth,
    Great start and congratulations again on the start of Higher Ed Live. Nice format too.

    Also, I totally agree with Tim’s comment on Facebook customer service – for an internet company, their customer service is slower than snail mail (many times over) and other poor relationship building. Sometimes I feel Facebook doesn’t really think through some of the things they implement like the checking in before your school comes up in the FB search and the process of claiming your page. Grrr. seems frustrating just thinking about it.

    Tim – love the scavenger hunt website research tactic. That is an awesome way to get feedback. Here is another thought for a cool campus scavenger hunt/campus tour type thing, Here is the blog on geocaching –

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