It’s crunch time in admissions. For many of us, what we do between now and move-in weekend can make or break our class. In the past, May 1 was somewhat of a time for celebration. The end of the marathon. Today, it’s more of a mile marker well ahead of the finish line.

This special edition of Admissions Live will bring together two industry experts on communication and yield strategies to discuss some tactical moves an admissions office can make today to immediately boost yield, minimize summer melt, and put themselves on more solid footing for the next class.


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Episode Host

Gil Rogers

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, PlatformQ Education

Gil Rogers is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at PlatformQ Education. Gil has worked in enrollment management and marketing since his early days as an admissions roadrunner for his alma mater, the University of Hartford. Over the years, Gil has conducted and presented on numerous research studies focused on student recruitment and marketing best practices; including the Enrollment Mythbusting Series in partnership with mStoner, the Social Admissions Report in partnership with TargetX, and the e-Expectations Report with Ruffalo Noel Levitz.



Kevin Crockett

Senior Executive, RNL
Kevin Crockett consults directly with campuses on strategy development for enrollment, net revenue, academic program planning, retention, and student financial aid. He also helps to develop and execute the RNL enrollment management business strategy. An experienced enrollment manager, Kevin has served 400 institutions and higher education systems such as: Syracuse University (NY), Point Loma Nazarene University (CA), Transylvania University (KY), Baylor University (TX), Chapman University (CA), the University of North Carolina System, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, the University of Maine System, and the Louisiana Board of Regents. Kevin joined the company in 1995 and served as president of Noel-Levitz from 2003- 2014 prior to assuming his current duties which include speaking at higher education conferences and spending extensive time on the campuses of existing and potential new campus partners.


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