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This post is written by Heidi King, Content Writer at OmniUpdate.

This handy checklist can help you determine when it’s time to upgrade your web content management system.

We all know the warp-speed of technological advances, and there are times when a quick fix for your content management system (CMS) is all you need to stay current. However, Band-Aids and patches can hold your system together for only so long. Use the following checklist to confirm whether you should be in the market for a new CMS.

Have your resources changed, with more or less people available to maintain and contribute to your website?

Does your website display attractively across different browsers and platforms like tablets, phones, and laptops? Because the majority of prospective students access your site from their phones, a CMS that supports responsive design is essential.

Is there a bottleneck in your workflow? When only a few people have authority or know-how to publish web changes or when publishing is put in a queue, work can easily get backed up for weeks, even for small revisions like calendar entries and faculty/staff additions.

Is accessibility an ongoing concern? A good CMS should include accessibility checks upon publication, eliminating the worry and time of legal issues.

Are you able to instantly share content on social media? Modern content management systems allow you to publish content across multiple platforms at the same time, saving you hours of input and administration.

Is your site current? New content increases your school’s rank in search results. The more people who have the ability to update content, the fresher your website information will be and the more likely it will be found.

Have you experienced a security threat? Colleges and universities have experienced some of the largest security breaches in the last few years, either from hacking or malware.

Does your website lack continuity? When different departments use different templates and systems, the result is a hodge-podge of web design that prevents your school from projecting a cohesive brand to site visitors.

Is there an increased push for prospective students, or a new marketing campaign to attract more site visitors? Every school strives to transform prospective students into admitted students, and students are the most technologically-savvy demographic. If your site is dated and hard to use, they will go elsewhere for information—a move that could steer them away from your school altogether.

Interested in learning more about cutting-edge features for your CMS? Get in touch with an OmniUpdate expert who can help you determine your next steps.


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