What do student affairs educators need to know to develop an approach to disability that moves beyond access and accommodation? How might applying multiple theoretical frameworks broaden the conversation? What can we do to create campus environments that are more inclusive and equitable for all individuals? How could a broader focus on principles of universal design and social justice help student affairs and other administrators in higher education address ableist policies, practices, attitudes, and beliefs within organizational and physical structures? And, for the students we work with on our campuses, how does disability interact with multiple aspects of their identity and experience in college? 

In this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea speaks with a panel of authors of a new book entitled Disability in Higher Education: A Social Justice Approach. Joining Heather are Dr. Nancy Evans, Dr. Ellen Broido, Dr. Kirsten Brown, and Autumn Wilke. In addition to the questions above, we’ll discuss a new framework for understanding disability through a social justice lens. Join Heather with Dr. Nancy Evans, Dr. Ellen Broido, Dr. Kirsten Brown, and Autumn Wilke.

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Episode Host

Heather Shea

Heather Shea

Heather Shea's career in student affairs spans nearly two decades and five different campuses, and involves experience in many different functional areas including residence life, multicultural affairs, women’s centers, student activities, leadership development, and commuter/nontraditional student services–she identifies as a student affairs generalist. Heather is currently serving as the director of Women*s Student Services in the Division of Student Affairs at Michigan State University having just completed her Ph.D. in MSU's HALE (Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education) Program. She completed her master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Colorado State University in 2000. Connect with Heather on Twitter at @heather_shea_


Dr. Nancy J. Evans

Dr. Nancy J. Evans is Professor Emerita of Education and formerly coordinated the student affairs master’s program at Iowa State University. Since her retirement, she has remained active as a scholar devoting her efforts to research and writing related to social justice, disability in higher education, and the intersection of disability and social class. She recently co-authored the book Disability in higher education: A social justice approach (2017) with Ellen Broido, Kirsten Brown, and Autumn Wilke. Some of her other publications include Student development in college: Theory, research, and practice (2nd ed., 2010) with Dea Forney, Flo Guido, Lori Patton, and Kristen Renn; Developing social justice allies (2005) co-edited with Tracey Davis, Robert Reason, and Ellen Broido, Foundations of student affairs practice: How philosophy, theory, and research strengthen educational outcomes (2002) with Florence Hamrick and John Schuh, and Toward acceptance: Sexual orientation issues on campus (2000) co-edited with Vernon Wall.     


Dr. Ellen M. Broido

Dr. Ellen M. Broido is an associate professor of higher education and student affairs at Bowling Green State University, where she has worked since 2001, teaching courses related to student learning and development, diversity and social justice issues in higher education, and the internationalization of student affairs.  Her research focuses on diversity and social justice issues in higher education.  Dr. Broido’s publications include the books Disability in higher education:  A social justice approach (2017, co-authored with Nancy Evans, Kirsten Brown, and Autumn Wilke) and Developing social justice allies (2005, co-edited with Robert Reason, Nancy Evans, and Tracey Davis).


Dr. Kirsten R. Brown

Dr. Kirsten R. Brown is a faculty member at Edgewood College.  Her research focuses on access to higher education, neurodiversity, and social constructions of ability.  Dr. Brown’s publications include a co-authored book, Disability in Higher Education: A Social Justice Perspective and articles on autism in the Journal of College Student Development, Journal of Community College Research and Practice, and Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability.  She completed her PhD in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs at Bowling Green State University, holds a masters in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a BS from Carroll College.


Autumn K. Wilke

Autumn K. Wilke is the Assistant Dean for Disability Resources at Grinnell College where she serves as the ADA/Section 504 compliance officer.  Her current research focuses on the experiences of college students with disabilities at small residential institutions.  Autumn Wilke is the co-author of Disability in Higher Education: A Social Justice Perspective (Nancy Evans, Ellen Broido, & Kirsten Brown).  She completed her Master’s of Education at Iowa State University and holds a BS from University of Wisconsin-Madison.