Coordinating recruitment marketing campaigns is a significant undertaking that brings together various stakeholders and colleagues across our institutions.  Incorporating both the voices and the skill sets of departments across campus, a collaborative team strives to strike a balance between meeting goals in a timely fashion and pushing the envelope with new creative ideas. Today’s episode dives into a behind-the-scenes look at successful campaigns to discuss:

  • Developing a collaborative partnership with stakeholders
  • Communication within cross-functional teams
  • Feedback metrics and their impact on future campaigns

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Episode Host

Nicole Lentine

Nicole Lentine

Nicole Lentine is associate director of admission at Champlain College. Along with recruitment goals and activities, she serves as community manager to prospective and admitted student social media communities, develops admissions and alumni partnership strategies, and develops events and visit programs for special populations. Nicole has over nine years of experience in the industry, and thrives on networking and learning from others to constantly improve and find new ways to connect with students. She speaks about college admissions and digital communication strategies at regional and national conferences including NEACAC, HigherEdWeb, and UBTech.


Dayana Kibilds

Dayana Kibilds is the manager of undergraduate recruitment at Western University in London, Ontario. She is responsible for striking a balance between traditional recruitment practices, such as travel and fairs, and strategies to reach prospective students digitally. Dayana has nine years of experience in digital marketing, specifically in admissions, recruitment, and advancement. She thrives when she gets to collaborate in projects that are cross-functional and spearhead change within the organization. Dayana speaks in regional and national Canadian conferences, as well as international higher education conferences such as HighEdWeb and Confab.