April 17 – April 18, 2019

Location: Portland, Oregon

Higher education is facing a crisis of trust. When members of your community feel listened to, invested in, and served by your institution, they’ll trust you, volunteer, and donate. Without their trust, our institutions can't survive.

At ListenUp EDU, we will ditch the typical conference agenda of prosaic presentations and sleepy panels to chart the path ahead for higher ed together. Join us to explore how listening, service, and trust-building can accelerate student success, alumni engagement, marketing and communications, and advancement.

You will:

- Gain listening and service templates and strategies to move change forward for your team and institution right away
- Participate in workshop-style group discussions that cross silos and disciplines
- Form lasting working relationships with other like-minded professionals in higher ed

ListenUp doesn’t have long keynotes, boring Powerpoints, or vendors. It does have collaborative sessions, interdisciplinary facilitators, and plenty of downtime for discussion and networking. Learn more about why we think this is the premier conference for innovators and change makers in higher education.



Northwest 9th Avenue
Portland, OR