June 7 – June 9, 2017

Location: Boston, MA

Higher education is more relevant than ever. There is strong agreement that a formal education should be a universal goal, but there is a never-ending debate about models, value and fit. How do you match institutions that offer different educational choices, serve different educational segments, and enroll “customers” seeking different educational goals?

In recent decades, contrary to the static stereotype, colleges and universities have pulled off dramatic enrollment expansion, made great strides on inclusion, and institutional diversity has flourished. But expense and debt issues, disappointing completion rates and concerns about graduate employability continue to gnaw at public confidence. The retreat of state funding and a shrinking pool of alumni donors are symptoms of the problem. Under a new administration, federal support may waver. Longstanding assumptions about programming, credentials and quality assurance are now being questioned.

We invite you to attend Eduventures Summit 2017 where our theme is Higher Ed Remastered. Remastering is the application of modern practices and new technologies to established models and ideas. Higher education is not broken; there is no need to rip everything up and start again. But stubborn issues merit fresh thinking, and new tools open up new possibilities.

At Eduventures Summit 2017, we will we once again convene some of the most influential thought leaders and practitioners in the industry, as well as the latest data and commentary from our analyst team, to help guide higher education institutions and the companies who serve them. We will give equal attention to traditional and non-traditional students.



InterContinental Boston
Atlantic Avenue
Waterfront, Boston