College Confidential


On this episode of Admissions Live, host Ashley Hennigan is joined by Eric Hoover, senior writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education. Take a deep dive into College Confidential and the implications of third party college search sites.

Taken from the live broadcast, June 4, 2013.

Topics discussed during the LIVE broadcast include:

  • College search sites
  • Traffic to College Confidential
  • Culture and lingo
  • Students and parents
  • “Ask the Dean”
  • “College Chances”
  • Admissions officer engagement
    … and more


College Confidential: A Field Guide by Eric Hoover

College Confidential web site

Sally Rubenstone’s “Ask the Dean” column

“College Chances” forum

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  • Eric Olsen

    Wow. Great insights, Ashley! Rather than merely seeking out partnerships with these search sites where students are going to “get the real story”, let’s start telling the real story on our own admission sites. Awesome a-ha moment for me. Thank you both! Great topic!