Did you really think Higher Ed Live would attend HighEdWeb 2011, one of the year’s biggest conferences, and NOT bring the event to life online for you? Of course you didn’t. Here’s a look at what we’ve got in store for attendees, both physical and virtual.

  1.  Sunday, Oct. 23, at a special 9pm ET slot, Higher Ed Live will stream to you live from Austin, Texas, at the HighEdWeb conference with a special episode from inside Marv, Welcome to College‘s insanely cool mobile automated research vehicle. The episode – the first ever broadcast from inside an RV, obviously –  will give you an in-depth look at what the heck Marv is, how it works and how he helps prospective students around the country find the perfect school. Attending the conference? Come hangout for the broadcast in person!
  2. Monday, Oct. 24, 7pm CT Higher Ed Live hosts HighEdWeb After Dark – the 1st Annual #MarvNation event, sponsored by Welcome to College & SCVNGR. The event, which may or may  not be streamed live – we’re working on it –  will feature on-stage conversations with LINK, High Ed Web’s new publication, Welcome to College, a performance by an amazing band and…An Interactive Convo w/Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race Winners @Tsand & @iJohnPederson. That’s right, earlier this year the higher ed community united to help Todd Sanders and John Pederson win the Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race to Dallas. The world’s first Twitter-fueled race, the multi-day event saw the pair driving a car fueled by your tweets, as they completed missions and challenges from Los Angeles to Dallas, and everywhere in between. Now – exclusively at #heweb11 – the two guys who harnessed the power of social media to win free luxury vehicles talk candidly with Higher Ed Live. Spilling the beans on what the contest was really like, they’ll share social media takeaways, take your questions and most importantly THANK YOU for helping make it all happen. Attending the event in person? Stick around after for a rumored “Bacon Off” featuring bacon from around the world being cooked right on 6th Street in Austin and provided to you for blind taste tests.
  3. Each year at HighEdWeb Red Staplers are given as a prize to the presentations voted as ‘Best in Track.’ On the last day of the conference, this year Wednesday, Oct. 26, those winners are asked to present their talks again so those that missed it the first time around can now experience it. This year, Higher Ed Live is helping to take HighEdWeb a step further by broadcasting simultaneously from two rooms as the Red Stapler presentations go on. That’s right, mark those calendars and tune in Wed. morning to have your pick of the very best #heweb11 presentations and watch them all LIVE.

In addition to the above coverage, Higher Ed Live will also be conducting extensive one-on-one interviews with attendees, for publication across the weeks following the conference, as well as producing takeaway blog posts and a conference recap video.

Nothing beats being there in person for HighEdWeb, but if you really can’t make it, we’ve done our very best to bring the experience to you.

Here we come Austin!



Article Author

Seth Odell

Founder and Advisor