While college admissions marketing has become more digital and on-demand, the traditional campus visit experience remains a cornerstone in the decision making process. Colleges work tirelessly to create exciting and memorable campus visits, but most are only as good as the students leading the way.

On this episode of Admissions Live, we sit down with professionals charged with running two of the largest campus visitation programs in the country. Learn from these experts at The Ohio State University and Rutgers University. Topics include; campus tour guide selection, training, program evaluation, and much, much more.


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Episode Host

Adam Castro

As Vice President for Enrollment Management, Adam Castro oversees the operations of the Offices of Admission, Marketing, and Student Financial Services. His areas of responsibility include development of recruitment, marketing, admission, and financial aid programs designed to recruit, admit and retain students at Bloomfield College. He has been at Bloomfield College since 2003. Adam is an active member of numerous organizations including the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC), the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), the ACT New Jersey State Council, NAFSA: Association for International Educators, and the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in New Jersey (AICUNJ).


Melissa Welch

Melissa serves as Associate Director for Campus Programs within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Rutgers University.  She leads the team that manages the Rutgers Visitor Center and all on-campus programming.  Melissa began her career as a Junior Admissions Officer in 2002.  A graduate of Villanova University, she spent several years as a senior corporate conference planner before coming to Rutgers.

Throughout her time at Rutgers University, Melissa’s focus has been on the campus tour and on-campus events.  She has coordinated dozens of large-scale Open Houses, oversaw the daily tour program and managed the Scarlet Ambassador Tour Guides.  In 2009, Melissa was a key member of the planning team that opened the Rutgers Visitor Center – a 14,000 square foot building providing a centralized location to host campus tours and visitors.


Nidhi Browell

Nidhi is the Senior Program Coordinator for Campus Visits at The Ohio State University. She has seen the role of University Ambassador or campus tour guide from the student perspective when she worked as one and from the professional perspective having supervised the University Ambassador program since 2012. She understands the need for a strong training program to set the tone for any student program, running a 28-hour training for her students.  However, she constantly strives to add more and innovate ways to better prepare tour guides for the incredibly important role they play in the recruitment process.