While Higher Ed Live launched in 2010, this past year really has felt like our coming out party. From conference coverage to special events and nearly 75 episodes, we brought industry news and analysis coast-to-coast, and experienced seriously exciting growth as a result.

As we look ahead to 2012 – and gear up for our next major announcement on January 3 – I thought it would be fun to look back on what the past 12 months has meant for the network.

Most Viewed Video Total Views: 54,715
Despite audio sync issues with the YouTube video, audiences ate up our interview with video master Tom Ska.

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Why I Was Wrong About QR Codes

Most Frequent Guest
Mike Petroff set the regular record racking up three different guest appearances this year. The episodes he appeared in were Welcoming the Class of 2015, Innovation in Education: Where is the 21st Century University? and Virtual Campus Tours.

In-Studio Specials 7

Solo-Hosted Shows 6

Percentage of Video Views from a Mobile Device 17.7%

Top 5 Moments
It’s hard to look back on such a busy year and select just 5 top moments, but that’s the task I put before myself while reflecting back on 2011. For me, these are my top moments.

1) Launching Student Affairs Live
Without a doubt, the biggest moment of 2011 for me was having Eric Stoller join the family with the launch of Student Affairs Live. Not only was it a milestone to expand beyond a single offering and become a full-fledged network, but to be able to tap someone I look up to to team up with was awesome.

2) eduTweetup
Over the summer Higher Ed Live had a chance to host eduTweetup, an exciting event focused on innovation in edu, organized by Mike Petroff. It was an amazing night full of great speakers, exciting dialogue and an opportunity to meet so many of the folks who make our industry great. If you missed the event, definitely check out the great recap Mike put together.

3) Social Media and Your Campus
Despite all the great episodes we produced this year, the Social Media and Your Campus episode definitely stands out. A two camera production, we had a whopping three in-studio guests, a camera operator and a four person in-studio audience, all packed into our modest Los Angeles studio.

4) Live Broadcast with Marv from HighEdWeb 2011
Our special broadcast from HighEdWeb11 makes the list due to the exciting production challenges we faced, and the experience it gave viewers who tuned in. With just 30 minutes of pre-production time, we worked with Welcome to College to get internet access from Marv, their mobile automated research vehicle which was parked in a parking lot outside the conference hotel. With internet access secured, we went on to utilize a 30 foot firewire cable and battery-powered lighting. The result was something special. If you missed it the first time, definitely check it out below.

5) Interview with New York Times Columnist David Pogue
On a personal note, it was a real treat to get to interview the one-and-only David Pogue. Pogue’s NYT column is one that I’ve followed for a long time and the chance to meet and chat with him was definitely a highlight for me.

Looking Ahead
As we look ahead to 2012 I just want to share my deep and sincere thanks to all of you that help make this network great. Your contributions each and every week are what makes our shows so exciting, and we hope to continue to deliver high quality content for years to come.

Did you have a favorite moment of 2011 I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!


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Seth Odell

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