May 18, 2011 5:51 pm


It’s my first solo show! I decided to tackle “blogs and blogging” for my first East coast show. I answered questions from Twitter LIVE on the air and shared a ton of info about blogs. If you’re thinking about blogging, this is the show for you.

Weekly Challenge and Support
Crackdown on Clery Compliance
College marketing scrutinized
Oregon bill would require add college application requirement for high school graduation
Yale bans fraternity for 5 years
Investing in our Future Webinar Series: “Basic Level” Professional Competencies for Students interested in Student Affairs

Unsolicited Shout-out of the Week
Boston University Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore gets a shoutout this week for jumping into the Charles River.

  • Gary Honickel

    I just wanted to say thanks Eric. I have been meaning to watch this episode for… well quite some time. I actually didn’t watch during the initial run, I just knew I could tweet in questions and watch later.

    Your tips and responses were great!