April is notorious for being one of the most challenging months in admissions. It seems to be a time when there’s rarely a chance to take a breath, never mind a day off. There are yield events, counselor programs and vacation visitors on campus. We’re jumping into spring travel. The cycle starts for the next wave of prospective students in junior and sophomore years. It can make your head spin. Despite all this, an enrollment team must be ready for anything and operating at its best.

On this episode of Admissions Live, we sit down with Brandon Kennedy. Brandon is associate director of admissions at Castleton University. We’ll discuss tips for balancing professional commitments and maintaining health and well-being.


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Episode Host

Nicole Lentine

Nicole Lentine

Nicole Lentine is business development specialist at mStoner, Inc. Nicole works closely with mStoner's marketing team to connect with new clients, identifying their challenges and finding the solutions that best fit their needs. Nicole previously served as an admissions counselor at her alma mater, Champlain College in Burlington, VT. She speaks about college admissions and digital communication strategies at regional and national conferences including NEACAC, HigherEdWeb, and UBTech.


Brandon Kennedy

Brandon Kennedy is an associate director of admissions at Castleton University. He is wrapping up his 4th year in admissions. He is in charge of all recruitment in North Eastern New England and all states outside of the northeast. He works with event management, operations, and financial aid. Brandon has also served on the Executive Committee for the Consortium of Vermont Colleges for the last two years as their Bus Tour Co-Chair.

Brandon is a native Vermont who graduated from Castleton University in 2014 with a B.A. in Art with a concentration in photography and graphic design with a business minor. He worked as a student ambassador for the admission office and then became an intern his senior year. He discovered his passion for higher education during his senior internship and loves working with students and families on finding their right fit.


Nicole Lentine

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