Higher Ed Live is excited to welcome our bold, new host Andrew Cassel, social media content strategist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, on Marketing Live.



Andrew Cassel joins Christen Gowan, Kin Sejpal, and Rob Zinkan as co-host on Marketing Live.

Andrew Cassel has been creating and curating social media content for the University of Alaska Fairbanks since 2011. As part of University Relations, he works with leadership, schools, colleges, and departments across the University to develop engaging organic and paid social media campaigns.

Cassel presents regularly about social media content best practices around Alaska and the USA, including Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, Alaska Democrats, Perseverance Theatre, Transportation Communicators webinar series, American Geophysical Union, HigherEd Experts, Higher Ed Content conferences, the eduWeb Digital Summit, and HighEdWeb.

Cassel was awarded a best-in-track Red Stapler at the 2017 HighEdWeb annual conference and is a five-time winner of Aurora Awards of Excellence from the Public Relations Society of America – Alaska including the 2018 Grand Award of Excellence.

“The moment I met Andrew at HighEdWeb 2017, I knew he was someone with big ideas and ambition to execute them. He’s the perfect embodiment of the intelligence and creativity levels that we have working in higher education, and I look forward to each time I am afforded the chance to hear him speak.” — Bianca Tomlin, content producer, Higher Ed Live

Get to Know Andrew

Why did you decide to pursue this hosting opportunity with Higher Ed Live?

This was a chance to talk to smart people doing amazing things. It’s very easy to fall into the higher ed routine of first day-tradition days-commencement and never look outside what we do to keep the cycle going to get new students in and celebrate successful alums. The stories we tell on our channels are the stories about how our coworkers are striving to make the world a better place. This was the opportunity to spend time thinking and talking about how and why! we do this job.

What do you bring to the Higher Ed Live network?

I love stories. I love using the content I create and curate to add to the story of how higher education is helping humankind understand the world we live in. I love challenging myself and others to think about how “marketing” and “PR” can be about more than recruiting students and issuing press releases. We have a vast array of tools at our disposal that can SHOW how we’re making the world a better place rather than just TELLING people we are.

Coolest pinch yourself moment in your life?

Standing on the deck of a research vessel in the middle of the North Pacific about to do a Facebook Live. Only the support of my family and co-workers could have made that moment possible.

When you have 30 minutes free, how do you pass the time?

I will no doubt spend all 30 of those minutes figuring out the best way to spend the time and then it will be over. #overthinker

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in higher ed?

The time I was reading the names at the Commencement ceremony during the same ceremony where I was receiving a degree. Had to read the name a few names before mine, hop up, cross the stage, jog back over and pick up reading the names again.

Viewers may recognize Andrew from his recent episodes on Marketing Live and Special Edition Live: What Is Our Product?, and GIF-ing the Light Fantastic: Making and Measuring Animated GIFs.

Marketing Live focuses on communications, brand and brand strategy, digital, content, and social media strategy in higher education.

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Please give a warm welcome to Andrew, and follow him on Twitter, @andrewbcassel.


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