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Checkout Advancement Live 2/11: Host Ryan Catherwood chats with Daniel Brennan, Alumni Relations Manager at the University of Queensland and Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna, Director of Advancement, UQ North America. Watch Advancement Live to learn more about how one of Australia’s leading universities is working to engage alumni around the globe.

Event Pre-post: 2/7 by Ryan Catherwood:

I take any opportunity I can get to chat with alumni pros over in Australia. They’re doing some great advancement work over there. Back in October, I had the privilege of coordinating an episode of Advancement Live with Leonie Boxtel, Director of Alumni Relations at the University of Melbourne. We chatted about their new campaign for $500 Million called “Believe.” She also spoke about the challenges of building an alumni board, ideas for young alumni engagement and how cultural intricacies exist when it comes to higher education philanthropy that makes fundraising different in Australia than in the States.


Daniel Brennan
Alumni Relations Manager
University of Queensland

My guests on Advancement Live are Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna, Director of Advancement – UQ (North America) & Executive Director, The University of Queensland in America, and  Daniel Brennan, Alumni Relations Manager at the University of Queensland. We will pick up on some of the same themes discussed during Leonie’s chat and expand on the notion of international alumni engagement. Recently, the UQ North America Office was formed as a University Advancement satellite office. Daniel, Khatmeh and I will discuss the challenge of engaging a global alumni community. We’ll also focus on some new initiatives that UQ is rolling out to engage their youngest alumni and keep them networking underneath the university’s flag.

To accommodate a live listening audience in Australia, my chat with Khatmeh and Daniel  scheduled for 9pm, Monday the 10th here in the States. We’re hoping to connect with Aussie alumni professionals so they’ll tune-in during their lunch break. Advancement Live with Daniel Brennan is live at Noon on 11 February in Australia. Please put the show on your calendar and share this post!

Full disclosure…

I am an alumnus of the University of Queensland – the UQ Business School to be exact. I loved my experience in Brisbane and with the University. Here’s a picture of me experiencing Australia back in 2007. I am at The Gaba on a Friday night with my roommate Anne to see the Brisbane Lions play an Australian Football League game.








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Ryan Catherwood is the Director of Engagement Strategy at the University of Virginia and Co-Host of “Advancement Live.” You can follow him on twitter @RyanCatherwood and connect on Linkedin.


Ryan Catherwood

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